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Добрый день! Спасибо большое за Ваш сайт! Я преподаватель с многолетним опытом работы и это первый сайт в сети посвященный английскому языку, который мне понравился и которым я ежедневно пользуюсь! Сейчас практически невозможно найти других сайтом, где репетитор английского языка без посредников может общаться с учениками! Спасибо еще раз!

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Business and general english with a native speaker

I am accomplished educator with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and direct students while maintaining high interest and achievement. Articulate communicator able to effectively interact with diverse populations of students at a variety of academic levels. Consistently maintain excellent relations with students, parents, faculty, and administrators. I am a self-motivated individual with strong planning, organizational and leadership skills specializing in enriching people’s comprehension in Business and English.
I am a Canadian native, born and raised in Canada. However, I currently reside in the USA. I have my teaching license from the State of Indiana and have over 11 years teaching experience. I have experience acting as an Adult Business English Consultant to a wide array of Asians. I try to diverse my teaching methods to better meet the needs and desires of each individual client. I use numerous teaching methods such as: internet, newspapers, articles, songs, video and audio clips that relate to the clients education, background and working experience.
I teach English via Skype (VOIP). Teaching English via Skype enables you to have lessons in a one on one session that is convenient to you and personalized for your individual needs. I offer a free trial lesson to each new prospective client where I access the current English speaking capabilities and determine your key areas of interest.
My greatest enjoyment comes from helping other people and I have a special talent for analyzing client’s needs and gaining their respect and confidence.
[20:21:13] Catherine Bryans: Please contact me personally via email: cbryans7@hotmail.com

Город Indiana, USA
Контактное лицо Catherine Bryans
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