Discuss the questions in pairs


Answer the questions and then discuss the questions in pairs.


Вопросы и ответы

In Russia, how much control is there of TV programming, newspaper content, film ratings, the Internet?

Speaking of hоw much control there is of mass media in Russia, I think, it’s controlled differently, I mean there is a different level of control for different resources.  For example, I reckon, federal television is totally under control. As for private channels, there are some more or less independent such as RTVI and Dozhd. Talking about newspapers and radio stations they are freer to write and tell what they want. However, they have their boundaries too. When it comes to film ratings, I can’t be sure if they are under control or not. Some of them, definitely, are, but most of the ratings are located on the Internet, which is rather liberal at present.


Do you think there should be more or less control? Why?

In my opinion, there shouldn’t be more control in the society because even now there is a rather good Criminal Code and if we all follow it, we will feel safe enough to live happily.  There shouldn’t be created more restrictions, since we have already got plenty of them.


What sort of rights, do young people have when they are eighteen?

When someone turns 18, they are allowed to vote, and take part in the development of the society. Furthermore, when you are 18, you are free to consume alcohol. However, in this exact matter, I think it should be more like in the US, where young people can drink alcohol, only when they are 21.


At what age can Russian young people get their passports? 

In Russia, people get their national passports at the age of 14, and their international documents can be issued even for babies.


At what age can Russian young people get driver’s license for driving a car / a motorbike? 

Speaking about driving in Russia, I can say that it’s possible to sit a driving test at the age of 17. However, you will be able to drive independently only after you turn 18.


Valeria Ivanova