Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

Словарь: Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs


Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
Oxford University Press
A P Cowie and R Mackin
ISBN: 0-19-431285-2
Данный словарь фразовых глаголов предназначен для использования студентами продвинутого уровня обучения и содержит около 11 000 единиц.
Содержание словаря:

Structure of entries in the dictionary

Abbreviations and symbols used in the dictionary

Alphabetical list of particles and prepositions

Phrasal Verbs – a brief information

The Student’s Guide to the dictionary

The Dictionary

The Scope and Aims of the Dictionary

The Dictionary – a detailed description:

1 The headphrase

2 Order of entries

3 Grammatical codes and tables

4 Style, evaluation and technical field

5 Definitions

6 Collocations

7 Examples

8 Notes on grammar, meaning and use

9 The cross-reference system

List of sources

Index of nouns, etc used in headphrases

Index of nominalized forms

Verb patterns and their transforms