7 класс

Spotlight 7. Module 1. Page 6. Lesson 1a. Exercise 3b.

Разбор упражнения 3b на странице 6 в учебнике Spotlight 7 класс. (Spotlight 7 стр 7 упр 3б)

Подготовительный курс к школьному уроку.

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Teenage Life Swap

Annabel and Sarah are guests on a reality TV show. Annabel lives in London. Sarah lives on a farm in the north of Scotland. They are swapping families and schools for a week.

Annabel (14). Day 2

Everyone gets up at 5 am because there’s a lot to do on the farm. Sarah’s mum is very nice. She brings me a cup of tea in bed, but I just go back to sleep. Later, I go outside to the farmyard to help Sarah’s family. Today we are milking the cows in the barn and feeding the chickens. The animals are lovely, but I can’t stand the smell.

Day 4

Sarah’s mum takes me to school every morning. We drive five miles to meet the school bus, which leaves at 7 am. Sarah’s school is very small, but everyone’s so friendly.

Day 6

Learning about farming is interesting, but I’m happy I’m going home tomorrow. The fresh air is nice but it’s too quiet here. I also feel isolated. In the city, the streets are crowded but you have everything close at hand. I miss the hustle and bustle of London but I don’t want to leave all my new friends.

Sarah (14)

Day 2

Everyone stays in bed late here. It’s 8 am and Annabel’s mum is making breakfast! In the afternoon, we’re going shopping on Oxford Street and then we’re going to the cinema! I’m so excited!

Day 4

I travel to Annabel’s school by tube. Her school is huge with 1,500 students and her friends are very interesting and helpful. I’m enjoying the lessons, but most of all I love the facilities. The computer room and the swimming pool are my favourites.

Day 6

Today, I’m feeling a bit tired. It’s always noisy here and you can hear the traffic all night. I think I’m getting a bit homesick, too. I miss the beautiful landscapes and the people from my hometown. I’m happy I’m going home tomorrow but I’m sure I’ll visit London and see Annabel’s lovely family again!