Too many people spend too much time playing games and sports

Эссе на тему: too many people spend too much time playing games and sports


White an oppinion essay on the statement in Excercise 6. Use the ideas from the discussion, the linking words in Exercise 5 and Check it out on page 122.

As far as video games and playing sports are concerned, there can be several opinions on the issue. Some people think that nowadays young people do sports and play computer games too much. I partially agree with the statement. I think some youngsters, indeed, are fond of computer games too much, but I totally disagree that they are doing too much sport activities.

Regarding video games, I believe they can be beneficial for teenagers to some extent. First, high school students are always under pressure. They have so much information to learn in such a short period of time, so that they become stressed and sometimes even distressed. Second, computer games can help to develop a better reaction. Third and the most important point is that while you are playing a computer game, you have to take decisions on the spot, which can assist you to become a better decision maker. Despite all the advantages there may be a worse disadvantage if the misapply the resource. I mean if someone plays computer games too much, it may be an addiction.

Talking about sports, I think sport is always a good thing except professional sport. Therefore, I cannot agree with the statement indicating that young people are doing too much sports nowadays. In the first place, there are very few young people, reckon, who can afford to go to the gym regularly. Furthermore, very few schools in our country have their own gyms or swimming pools. On top of that, teenagers are studying so hard at school and after school for their Unified State Exams, so that they simply do not have enough time to doo too much sport.

Some people think teenagers spend too much time playing computer games and doing sports. Opponents say there cannot be spent too much time on something useful. Unlike my opinion, they believe that the only thing we should care about is learning.

To sum up, there can be different opinion on the issues but I truly believe that if you want to learn well you need to rest well.

Valeria Ivanova