Охрана окружающей среды; Environmental protection — Топик по английскому языку

Тема по английскому языку: Охрана окружающей среды

Топик по английскому языку: Охрана окружающей среды (Environmental protection). Данный текст может быть использован в качестве презентации, проекта, рассказа, эссе, сочинения или сообщения на тему.

Environmental protection

Environment is in danger

Nowadays it’s obvious that our environment is in great danger. Various unfavourable factors have created such problems as massive deforestation, ozone depletion, acid rain and global warming. However, in recent years, people have been trying to change the situation and have made certain attempts to protect it. Everyone is aware that we can no longer ignore these problems; otherwise, they will result in catastrophes.

Things that can be done to save our nature

It’s important that all countries should cooperate in order to solve ecological problems we are facing. Moreover, we have got time, money and technology to do it. There are a lot of things that can be done to save our nature. First of all, it’s possible to remove big plants and factories, one of the main sources of pollution, from cities. We should create more of the so called «green zones» for people to live in. Another thing is that purifying systems for cleaning and trapping harmful substances should be widely used. Recycling is also a good way to reduce waste. Indeed, in many countries of the world such things as used plastic and glass bottles or waste paper are recycled.

People’s contribution

It‘s worth mentioning that people living in some particular areas may themselves contribute to the process of cleaning our planet. They can create parks for endangered animals and plant new trees. Besides, in order to reduce the quantity of litter in our streets, it’s necessary to use litter bins. Today, many consumers consider the environmental safety of the products before buying them, so that manufactures have to make sure that their stuff is “green” and friendly to the environment.

Organizations and movements

There is a number of organizations and movements that are not indifferent to what is going on in the world. Their main goal is nature preservation. One of the most known is “Green Peace” which was established in 1987. Another public movement is called “Travels for Peace and Nature” and appeared in Russia several years ago.


So, we have got no right to forget that environmental protection is a question number one for us, especially if we want to safe our planet for future generations.