English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

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English Vocabulary in Use Advanced
Cambridge University Press
Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell
ISBN: 978-0-521-65397-8

Учебное пособие English Vocabulary in Use Advanced предназначено как для работы в классе, так и для самостоятельного изучения для студентов, чей уровень знаний может быть оценен как «продвинутый». Оно содержит около 2 000 слов и устойчивых словосочетаний. Данный учебник состоит из 100 разделов. На левой стороне многих разделов размещен лексический материал по определенной теме, а на правой даны упражнения на его отработку.

Содержание пособия:

Aspects of vocabulary learning – Аспекты изучения словарного состава

Strategies for learning

Types of meaning  polysemy, synonymy, collocation, connotation, register

Making the most of your dictionary

Collocation  the real thing, the genuine article

Polysemy  fair, flat, drill

Metaphor  be on the ball, all the world’s stage

Register  garments, clothes, clobber

Connotation and cultural associations  cowboys, black cats

Word formationСловообразование

1 Abbreviations and acronyms   ID, FAQ, o.n.o.

2 Prefixes: creating new meanings  over-, cross-, e-

3 Suffixes: productive suffixes and word classes  -free, -proof, -esque

4 Word-building and word-blending  biodegradable, cybercafé, guesstimate

5 Global contract and language enrichment  loan word, roster, intelligentsia

6 Similar but different: words easily confused  series/serial, moist/damp

Work and study – Работа и учеба

7 At work: colleagues and routines  flexi-time, freelance, job-share

8 At work: career and promotion  drive, perks, glass ceiling

9 Business 1  telemarketing, niche market, entrepreneurship

10 Business 2  submit a tender, default on a payment

11 Cramming for success: study and academic work  role-learning, assignment, deadline

12 Education: debates and issues  elitism, league tables, the three Rs

People and relationships – Люди и отношения 

13 Talking about yourself  diligent, shrewd, sagacious

14 Relationships: positive aspects  infatuated, amiable, kindred spirits

15 Relationships: problems  disloyal, unsupportive, family feud

16 Passions: reactions and emotions  conciliate, rapture, blissful

17 Feelings: antipathies and aversions  abhorrence, loathing, fickle

18 Observing others: appearance and mannerisms  lanky, grimace, pout

19 Observing others: character traits  impulsive, diffident, gullible

20 Birth and death: from cradle to grave  Caesarean section, obituaries, mourning

Leisure and lifestyle – Досуг и стиль жизни

21 Free time: relaxation and leisure  time-consuming, dabbler, shopaholic

22 All the rage: clothes and fashion  frumpy, dressed to kill, without frills

23 Homestyles, lifestyles  granny flat, minimalism, household word

24 Socialising and networking  housewarming, hobnob, clique

25 The performance arts: reviews and critiques  hackneyed, typecast, rendition

26 The plastic arts  philistinism, impenetrable, tongue-in-cheek

27 Talking about books  chronicle, memoirs, compulsive reading

28 We are what we eat  wholesome, GM, unsavoury

29 Dinner’s on me: entertaining and eating out  sweet tooth, calorie-conscious, teetotal

Travel — Путешествие

30 On the road: traffic and driving  hit-and-run, road rage, tailback

31 Travel and accommodation  deluxe, charter, half-board

32 Tourism  back to nature, eco-tourism, discerning

The environment – Окружающая среда

33 Describing the world  paddy field, prairies, migrant

34 Weather and climate  clammy, sweltering, snowed under

35 Buildings in metaphors  glass ceiling, tower of strength, key to success

36 Trees, plants and metaphors  rip in the bud, germinate, shrivel

37 Animals and birds  rodent, herbivore, fur trade

38 Environment and conservation  endangered, fossil fuels, pristine

Society and institutions – Общество и его институты

39 Here to help: service encounters  obliging, shoddy, on hold

40 Authorities: customs and police  sniffer dog, on-the-spot fine, drug squad

41 World views: ways of thinking  bigot, assumption, tenet

42 Festivals in their cultural context  renewal, commemorate, raucous

43 Talking about languages  Germanic, syntax, pictograms

44 History  usurp power, feudal, serf

45 Poverty: the haves and the have nots  malnutrition, GDP, destitute

46 British politics  lobbyist, petition, grievance

47 The language of law  impeach, embezzle, overturn a verdict

48 War and peace  deterrent, hostilities, biological warfare

49 Economy and finance  debt, sanctions, devaluation

50 Personal finance: balancing your books  strapped for cash, broke, golden handshake

The media – Пресса

51 The media: print  agony aunt, flyer, pamphlet

52 The media: Internet and e-mail  chat room, browse, cookie

53 Advertising  rock-bottom prices, state-of-the-art, trailers

54 The news: gathering and delivering  column inch, sound bite, hot off the press


55 Health and illness 1  go down with, hepatitis, typhoid

56 Health and illness 2  aches and pains, nauseous, acupuncture

57 Health and illness 3  side effects, jaundiced view, prognosis

58 Diet, sport and fitness  cholesterol, cardiovascular, move the goalposts

Technology – Технологии

59 Aspects of industrialization  low-tech, subsidies, lame duck

60 Technology and its impact  PDA, biotechnology, ergonomics

61 Future visions  virtual reality, e-commerce, gene therapy

Basic concepts – Основные концепты

62 Space: expanse and confinement  rambling, poky, labyrinth

63 Time: sequence and duration  donkey’s years, over the hill, fleeting

64 Motion: nuances of pace and movement  hobble, trudge, steam

65 Manner: behaviour and body language  mind your Ps and Qs, etiquette, twitch

66 Sound: from noise to silence  noiseless, deafening, wail

67 Weight and density  unwieldy, congeal, impervious

68 Colour: range and intensity  ginger, pastel, grey cells

69 Speed  pop, scuttle, rocket

70 Cause and effect  generate, spark off, bring about

71 Comparison and contrast  affinity, disparate, discrete

72 Difficulties, dilemmas and hitches  glitch, grueling, in a fix

73 Modality: expressing facts, opinions, desires   the odds are, expedient, compulsory

74 Number: statistics and accessing quantity  IQ, aggregate, round down

Functional vocabulary – Функциональный словарный состав

75 Permission and prohibition  acquiesce, veto, outlaw

76 Complaining and protesting  grouse, whinge, find fault

77 Apologising, forgiving and reconciliation  alibi, remorse, exonerate

78 Complimenting and praising  laud, flatter, obsequious

79 Promises and bets  vow, pledge, have a flutter

80 Reminiscences and regrets  the good old days, look back, lament

81 Agreement, disagreement and compromise  tally, rift, concession

82 Academic writing 1 infer, distort, append

83 Academic writing 2  reiterate, epitomize, allude

84 Writing: style and format  doodle, block capitals, bullet

85 Lexical strategies for speaking  thingummy, umpteen, a touch of

86 Speech: style and articulation  shriek, lisp, slur

87 Vague language expressions  smattering, more or less, or whatever

Idioms and phrasal verbs – Идиомы и фразовые глаголы 

88 Types of idiom  have second thoughts, in the dark, stumbling block

89 Idioms for situations  up and running, a complete shambles, as clear as mud

90 Idioms that comment on people 1  soft spot, the brains behind, on cloud nine

91 Idioms that comment on people 2  a rough diamond, a dark horse, at loggerheads

92 Idioms that comment on stories and reports  out of the blue, famous last words, small world

93 Phrasal verbs 1  stand back from, stand in for, stand up for

94 Phrasal verbs 2  slog away, pelt down, bottle out

95 Phrasal verbs 3  miss out on, brands out, bubble over with

Aspects of variation – Аспекты вариаций языка 

96 Divided by a common language: American and British English  kitty-corner, deplane, faucet

97 Other Englishes: diversity and variety  craic, beaut, shroff

98 Language and gender  spokesperson, butch, effeminate

99 Language of age and social class  oik, wireless, luncheon

100 Newspaper headline language  crackdown, louts, besiege