English Vocabulary in Use Elementary

Учебник English Vocabulary in Use Elementary от Michael McCarthy и Felicity O’Dell. Также обратите внимание на учебники более высокого уровня English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate and Intermediate, English Vocabulary in Use Upper intermediateEnglish Vocabulary in Use Advanced


English Vocabulary in Use Elementary
Cambridge Express Publishing
Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell
ISBN: 0 521 599571 (с ответами)

ISBN: 0 521 656257 (без ответов)

Учебное пособие English Vocabulary in Use Elementary предназначено как для работы в классе, так и для самостоятельного изучения. Оно содержит около 1 250 новых слов и устойчивых словосочетаний, при овладении которыми ученик сможет разговаривать на повседневном английском языке. На левой стороне каждого раздела размещен лексический материал по определенной теме, а на правой даны различные задания и упражнения на его отработку.

Содержание пособия:

Learner training – Тренировка обучаемого

1 Talking about language (noun, verb, plural, etc.)

2 Learning vocabulary (collocation, pictures and diagrams)

Everyday verbs – Глаголы повседневного использования

3 Have/had/had (have breakfast, have time)

4 Go/went/gone (go away, go shopping)

5 Do/did/done (do an exercise, do your best)

6 Make/made/made (make coffee, make a mistake)

7 Come/came/come (come in, come from)

8 Take/took/taken (take the bus, take a photo)

9 Bring/brought/brought (bring sth. here, bring back)

10 Get/got/got (get a job, get tired)

11 Phrasal verbs (put on, turn down)

12 Everyday things (watch TV, wash clothes)

13 Talking (say, tell)

14 Moving (walk, carry)

Words and grammar – Слова и грамматика

15 Conjunctions and connecting words (because, only)

16 Time words (1): days, months and seasons (Monday, July, winter)

17 Time words (2) (next year, often)

18 Places (middle, front, abroad)

19 Manner (fast, loud)

20 Irregular verbs (run, drink)

21 Common uncountable words (bread, money)

22 Common adjectives: good and bad things (nice, awful)

23 Common adjectives: people (happy, horrible)

24 Words and prepositions (wait for, good at)

25 Pre3fixes (impossible, ex-president)

26 Suffixes (useful, useless)

27 Words you may confuse (quiet/quite; lend/borrow)

People – Люди

28 Birth, marriage and death (birthday, married)

29 The family (mother, uncle)

30 Parts of the body (head, foot)

31 Clothes (hat, shirt)

32 Describing people, appearence (tall, dark, handsome)

33 Health and illness (headache, heart attack)

34 Feelings (love, tired)

35 Greetings and other useful phrases (Good morning, Happy New Year)

The world – Мир

36 Countries, languages and people (America, Chinese, Greek)

37 Weather (cold, rain)

38 In the town (railway station, bank)

39 In the countryside (hill, farm)

40 Animals and pets (horse, giraffe)

41 Travelling (train, map)

42 Notices (No smoking, Out of order)

At home — Мой дом

43 Food and drink (rice, tea)

44 In the kitchen (fridge, glass)

45 In the bedroom and bathroom (wardrobe, shampoo)

46 In the living room (bookshelf, lamp)

School and workplace – Школа и работа 

47 Jobs (secretary, factory)

48 At school and university (biology, notebook)

49 Communications (phone box, computer)

Leisure – Досуг

50 Holidays (package holiday, phrase book)

51 Shops and shopping (butcher’s, department store)

52 In a hotel (single room, key)

53 Eating out (café, menu)

54 Sports (table tennis, judo)

55 Cinema (western, film star)

56 Leisure at home (gardening, listening to CDs)

Social issues – Социальные проблемы

57 Crime (murder, prison)

58 The media (TV channel, magazine)

59 Everyday problems (untidy, in a bad mood)

60 Global problems (war, strike)